Scheduling and Fees


I generally schedule sessions on 90 minute intervals with the hands on session time around 80 minutes, which is typical for Rolfing work, and generally 10-5/M-F.  The fee for each session is $125, which is about average in the Rolfing community.  I also give free consultations.

What to Wear

Rolfing requires the assessment of whole body patterns, whether in walking, standing, or on the table, and requires for the most part working directly on the soft tissue.  Because of this, Rolfing is traditionally preformed with a client in their underwear or something equivalent, such as a swim suit, without an over-sheet.  However, client comfort is an utmost priority, so you are welcome to wear shorts.  Fairly short cotton shorts are best, spandex and lycra should be avoided.  Sports bras are okay but some cover too much of the back musculature.

Cancellation Policy

There is no fee for cancellations made 24 hrs in advance.  The fee for cancellations not made 24 hrs in advance is the cost of the session. This is standard in the bodywork industry. 


Location and Map

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