About Andrew

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I am a Birmingham native.  While completing a bachelor’s degree in philosophy at UAB, I received the Rolfing series in 2002 to help with my posture and long history of back pain.  I was profoundly affected by it, and decided that I wanted to be able to give that experience to others by pursuing Rolfing as a career. After finishing, I decided to forgo graduate school and moved to Boulder, Colorado to attend the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration. After completing the training, I came back to Birmingham in October of 2005 and formed a practice.

In 2012 I joined together with several colleagues in the manual and movement therapy field, including my wife, Lauren Brown.  Together we created the group Embody. Visit our page at www.EmbodyBirmingham.com.

I also became a MovNat® Certified Trainer (Level 2) in the summer of 2015, and am also teaching movement. Visit my movement training page at www.OrganicMovementBirmingham.com.


“Rolfers make a life study of relating bodies and their fields to the earth and its gravity field, and we so organize the body that the gravity field can reinforce the body’s energy field. This is our primary concept.”
-- Dr. Ida P. Rolf