“Andrew Brown has been highly instrumental in delaying and, to this point, eliminating the need for a hip replacement. I went to Andrew in considerable hip pain with surgery scheduled a few months later. Andrew identified the ligament which was transmitting the pain from the hip and after several sessions of stretching work on that ligament and other related areas of connective tissue, I found myself free from pain and canceled the surgery. Now after 1 ½ years the pain has still not returned and I have not rescheduled surgery. Additionally Andrew has helped me with chronic lower back and neck muscle stiffness so that I can stand up straighter and continue to play golf. Andrew is highly knowledgeable of how the body is put together and , given time, can help overcome the pain, stiffness and limitations that we sometimes believe we are stuck with for life. I couldn’t recommend Andrew more highly.”  -  R.A., Birmingham, AL

"Andrew has done a fantastic job of keeping my wife and I on the move.  We are both very active and athletic.  Andrew's therapy and knowledge have assisted us through numerous injuries.  He is an integral part of a team including our physician and chiropractor.  I would highly recommend to any active person to consider Andrew a part of keeping you moving and healthy.  Thanks to Andrew we can walk taller, compete at a higher level, and stay healthy."  -  K.R., Birmingham, AL

"I have endured chronic pain for several years. At 53 years old I was facing a future of difficulty walking and lower back pain. Medication and surgery failed to give me the help I desperately needed.  I was excited to find Andrew Brown. Through his expertise my problem areas were targeted. His patience and caring helped me work through the process which resulted in much less pain.  I am now experiencing a much better quality of life and excited to participate in activities I was unable to do for so long."  -  Mitzi Levin, Birmingham, AL

Andrew helped me recover from the bodily trauma of 3 spine surgeries in 3 years.  After just one visit, I was able to drive with my right leg for the first time in a year!  I really believe that if I had known about Andrew before my 3 surgeries, I probably could have avoided them with his help.  His healing hands treat my areas of chronic pain and help keep me mobile and active.  Besides, he is such a nice and gentle person.   My husband had hip-replacement surgery scheduled when he finally relented to visit Andrew.  That was over a year ago, and because of Andrew's skill, no surgery is needed!  Wow!!  -  L.A., Birmingham, AL

“I had chronic low back pain that was preventing me from resting well at night.  After trying physical therapy, chiropractic and yoga I was desperate to try anything. Finally a relative in California recommended I try Rolfing, and I found Andrew.  Structural Integration has released the muscle stress as well as relieved the pain due to my sedentary lifestyle of heavy computer use.  Another important aspect is that it has helped me to maintain a better posture. My wife is pleased as well, she noticed that I am in less pain and more relaxed. I highly recommend Rolfing."  -  Dr. Tumkur Shivashankara, MD.

"Andrew has helped me tremendously through his Rolfing practice.  I was referred to him by a therapist in Austin, Texas after she believed deep tissue massage was not sufficient enough to relieve my muscular problems.  Andrew helped me understand that my problems resulted from repetitive injuries to my torso after spending long hours in the operating room, often in the same position.  Structural integration has released the muscle stress and relieved the pain due to this injury as well as helped me to maintain a better posture.  I highly recommend him."
 -  Steven P., RN, BSN, RNFA, Birmingham

“I was only 30 years old and felt like I was falling apart!  I had been suffering from upper back pain for 4 years and had recently began having shin splints and plantar fasciitis problems as well.  I had been to massage therapists and physical therapists but again the relief was only temporary.  I began noticing changes in my posturing immediately after my first few session with Andrew.  These changes resulted in decreased pain.  Now it has been a year since treatment and I am pain free!!!  I do not have the tension headaches I used to have daily after a long day at work.  I no longer require pressure on my back and neck everyday as I did 1 year ago.  Finally, I do not have shin splints and plantar fasciitis issues anymore.  Thank you Andrew for drastically improving my quality of life!!!!”  -  Alison, MS, OTR/L, Birmingham

“After about one year since suffering a stroke I was introduced to Andrew and Rolfing.  He has been able to give me more movement and flexibility on my affected side as well as improve my posture and overall movement.  Andrew’s knowledge and patience have really helped me.”
-  Scott, Birmingham

“Rolfing, as performed by Andrew, was helpful to me in my recovery from my back surgery. I was working with a physical therapist who recommended that I seek Andrew's help in my recovery. I am pleased with my progress.”  -  Steve, Birmingham

"Coping with a chronic neck-shoulder-arm injury from an accident, my physical therapist recommended parallel Rolfing. Andrew's work has helped me tremendously to regain long lost range of movement and to integrate my disabled limb into the overall way I use my body. For years I have suffered strong pain from moving my arm. The Rolfing sessions have modulated the neuropathic pain, so that I can participate in everyday activities more freely and enjoy the improvement of quality of life. I will ever be grateful and continue maintenance sessions with Andrew."  -  Claudia, Birmingham

"I am a professional musician in the Birmingham area and I depend greatly on my hands to make my living. After trying massage, chiropractic, and acupuncture, I have found rolfing to be by far the most effective solution for my problems. Andrew has improved my hand function as well as helped me realize my postural tendencies so that I can hopefully prevent reinjury. I would highly recommend him to anyone like myself who suffers from any type of repetitive use problems."
-  Jim, Birmingham

"As a physical therapist I have depended on Andrew Brown’s skills in soft tissue work to get patients out of pain and assist in the alignment process for functional posture.  Without his Rolfing skills to assist in length and breadth  of soft tissue changes I would not be as successful in helping patients relieve patterns of movement or provide choices for their nervous system to reorganize.”
-  Margaret Pittinger, MSPT, Feldenkrais Practitioner

“Rolfing, as performed by Andrew, was helpful in my recovery from several abdominal surgeries that was complicated with abundance of scar tissue.  I was working with a physical therapist who recommended that I seek Andrew's help in my recovery.  I’m pleased with restoring of blood flow as well as the manipulation done to release the scar tissue.”  -  Tanya, Birmingham

"My tendons and muscles stay very tight and sore due to scoliosis in my lumbar spine. Much my adult life I have done physical therapy, swimming and warm water exercises to help ease the pain. My physical therapist thought that Rolfing would help me. After my initial sessions with Andrew, I felt better balanced and able to hold myself upright more comfortably thus alleviating  some of my pain. I continue to see Andrew whenever I feel I am in need of alignment."  -  Mickey, Birmingham

“I was referred to Andrew by my occupational therapist who was working to restore movement to my arm, which had been affected by a stroke ten years ago, using a Saebo Flex splint.  My progress had reached a plateau.  He believed progress would resume with additional soft tissue work provided by Andrew.  I am grateful that Andrew's techniques resulted in improvements and I could return to therapy with Saebo Flex.  I gained other benefits as well, such as decreased swelling and more normal sensation on my affected side.”  -  Marianne, Birmingham

“After suffering with lots of muscular pain and  loss of function due to Lyme disease  I was recommended to Andrew and his practice. I got almost immediate help with joint pain and progressively got better function as I went through the therapy. I was unable to get my arm above my shoulder and am now able to get my arm straight up and don't have any limitations as a result of Rolfing. The Rolfing also helped to detoxify the entire muscular system from the effects of the Lyme disease. I highly recommend it for any chronic muscular situation you may be experiencing.” 
-  Dorie K., Birmingham

"For several years I had a painful and chronic problem in my knee that had me visiting a Chiropractor regularly. After my sessions with Andy, my knee no longer bothers me and I have not been back to the Chiropractor since. I don't hesitate to refer my friends to him whenever they complain about similar conditions."
- Bill, Birmingham

"After suffering from shoulder pain for over 20 years and trying everything imaginable to be rid of it, Andrew was able to relieve it for good.  He was also able to significantly improve my posture...Andrew is the best!"  -  Laura, Birmingham

"My daughter was diagnosed with scoliosis in January of 2007. By August of 2007, she had an 8 degree curve increase in her spine. At that time, the doctors were leaning toward surgery. We started seeing Mr. Brown for Rolfing treatments in October 2007 and have continued doing so periodically. When we saw the doctor in January 2009, her curve had only increased 1 degree. The doctors are no longer leaning toward surgery."  -  C. Hill

"This year I’ve committed to making my body look and feel the way it was intended to. For the past 12 weeks I’ve been treating my body to some much needed maintenance after dealing with chronic hip pain daily for over 15 years. I just finished my last Rolfing session with Andrew Brown at Embody. This therapy is life changing! My structure feels stronger than ever and I am one hundred percent pain free for the first time in many years."  -  Lisa Ayers, LMT, Reiki Master, Sarga Bodyworker